Exploring the new rules of business communications

We are seeing a transformation in how communications impacts business performance driven largely by the digital paradigm.

This is reshaping:

  • How businesses engage their customers
  • How businesses engage their employees
  • How information can be shared to drive productivity

As we move towards these new customer-centric business models, there is an increased need for business professionals with digital communications and analytics skills.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of social media, where changes in digital publishing are requiring organizations to develop a stronger media discipline and create engaging content. As Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute states,

“When content becomes a strategic effort in the company, marketing’s purpose changes, and it is to create value in the organization that is separate and distinct from the product or service being sold.

As an example, Will Hayward, VP of advertising at Buzzfeed suggests that within 10-15 years video consumption will almost entirely come from social feeds.

The Nustory project pairs teams of students with real organizations looking to engage customers in this new digital paradigm, employing analytics to measure engagement and collaboration software to share best practices.

Over the course of 6-8 weeks (modular structure allows for project to be scaled to fit the class structure) students will learn the principles of social media and work in teams to apply these to a sponsor organization, initially using Twitter but with the option to create deeper rich media too. At the end of the project, the team will present an actionable social media strategy to to the sponsor organization.

Key learnings:

  • Why social media is important
  • How to build a social media strategy
  • How tools like Hootsuite can help execute a social media strategy
  • The role of analytics in defining/refining a strategy
  • How collaboration tools can help foster a culture of collaboration leading to increased performance

What the Nustory team will provide:

  • Help identifying organizations
  • A single web interface (Nustory.com) to locate all assets related to the project
  • Access to the Hootsuite social media management tool
  • Online educational resources and a flexible self-paced learning environment
  • Student performance grading and assessment for faculty

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