Conduct an initial business audit

By the end of this unit, you should have a good understanding of the business you are working with, their products and target audience.

In developing a social media strategy, you need to conduct a business audit to understand the organization you are representing, and then investigate the online market space to identify how the content marketing plan can add value.You can use this template for the first step: conducting a business audit to ensure you have a good understanding of the business you are representing: why it exists (eg. how it builds value), its products and services, its target audience and employees and processes.While each business is different, you can use this template as a starting point to build a picture of an organization that will be useful in building the social media plan.

What is the mission of the business
Why was the business setup?
What are its goals/objectives?
How long has it been in operation?

What products/services are offered
What pain point does the product/service address?
What is the value proposition?
How is the product/service differentiated in the market?
How is the product/service developed and sold?
Is there seasonality in the sales cycle (demand peaks and troughs throughout the year)?

Who is the target audience
Who is the product/service aimed at?
Is it B2B or B2C?
Can the market be segmented? Eg. by geography, demographic?
What is the typical buying persona?

What marketing is currently being undertaken
Is there an existing marketing plan?
Is there marketing that is being undertaken?
What has worked/not worked?
What digital channels currently exist (eg. website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?
Are there any keywords or data that can be shared?

Download the Business Audit Template (Word Doc)

Steps to complete this assignment:

  1. Make an appointment for a 1-hour kick-off call with the project sponsor from your assigned business (Google Hangouts can be used for conference calling)
  2. Use the call to complete the Business Audit Word Doc
  3. Post the Business Audit Word Doc to the Slack channel for this phase

Once the business audit has been completed, the next step is to build out your content plan.

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