Measuring the effectiveness of the content marketing

After this module, you will understand why it is important to measure the effectiveness of your content and how to do this with Hootsuite

A key part of content marketing involves making data-driven decisions on what content you post. You can think of the curated content you are sharing on Twitter as ‘content experiments’: look to see what works and what doesn’t.

So, how do you know what is working? By using analytics!

For base tracking, we will be using the analytics built into Hootsuite which can tell you which Tweets drive the most engagement and clickthroughs, as well as monitor follower growth on the account and other variables. So let’s get started!

a) Creating a custom report in Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a number of templates you can use to create analytics reports you can run whenever you need them.

To get  started go to ‘Analytics’ in the left navigation.


hootsuite analytics navIf you are creating your first report, you will be taken directly to a wizard:

hootsuite analytics first report

We’ll use the Twitter Profile report as the basis for our first report. This includes many useful modules as we’ll see shortly.

hootsuite analytics twitter templateNext, select the Twitter account you want to report on and enter a hashtag for the Keyword Option (don’t worry too much about the keyword – we won’t be using this).

You will now see the custom report you can go ahead and edit as needed.

b) Configuring the Hootsuite report

At the top of the report, you have options to configure various fields, including the report name, logo, header, etc. Go ahead and make these meaningful to your project.

hootsuite analytics header configNext, go to the bottom of your report template and add in the Twitter Mentions you’ll find in the left hand ‘Twitter’ menu item:

hootsuite analytics twitter mentionsSelect the Twitter account and click ‘Done.

Now let’s add a module to measure clicks over time. Go Click Stats (Owly) > Summary Stats to add this time-based report:

hootsuite analytics owly clicksThat’s all the report customization done! Now we just need to create the report using the menu in the top right:

hootsuite analytics save reportYou now have the report template created.

c) Sharing Hootsuite reports

Once you’ve created the template, you can run the report as many times as you need, and for whatever period. Just go back to ‘Analytics’ in the left navigation and click on the report. At the top you can specify the time period and then export the report as a pdf:

hootsuite analytics run report

Ideally you should run the report at least weekly and see what content has driven the most engagement and clicks. You can amend your content strategy based on this feedback. You can also share the pdf report with your business sponsor.

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