Creating original rich content

Following this module, you will understand how to plan and build rich content such as a blog posts, infographics or videos.

At this point in the Nustory Project, you have the opportunity to really let your creative juices start flowing. You’ve been spending some time producing short-form content (Tweets) on behalf of your business sponsor. You’ve setup reporting to help you understand what works and what doesn’t.

We now want you to take that knowledge and use it to create deeper content. The whole team should work on this and it should take roughly one week to produce.

Steps are as follows:

  • Think of what area you would like to focus on based on what you have shared and the engagement it has created
  • Once you know your area of focus, think of what vehicle would make most sense in getting your point across, whether it be a infographic, blog post, video, slide presentation or other type of media
  • Use this simple template to express your idea and share it with your business sponsor for feedback
  • Once you have obtained feedback, get to work on the creation of the piece and step through the plan to create the piece, publish it and promote it
  • Measure the impact of the piece

More guidance on the creation of this deep content:

Producing infographics

You can produce infographics using either a standard photo editing package like Adobe Photoshop, or make use of any of the infographics creation services online which come with templates, icons, graphs and simple tools.

Nustory Infographic ExampleCheck out this list of services from Creative Bloq
See an example using the Piktochart free infographic tool

Creating engaging blog posts

Blog posts have been a mainstay of the social web for at least the last ten years, offering a simple, flexible publishing system for articles, videos, images… just about any content you can imagine can be consolidated through a blog post.

You may find that your business sponsor already has a company or product blog you can leverage.

Nustory Blog Post Example

If needed you can use a platform like WordPress or Tumblr  to setup a blog for your business sponsor and post from there.

If you need inspiration, take a look at this post and you will find tips on creating engaging blog posts here.

Making stunning videos

The consumption of video continues to grow: fueled by faster networks and increased computing power on the devices we use. Production is also getting easier with most smartphones capable of creating video that will work well for Youtube and other online platforms.

Nustory Video Example

This Digital Trends post goes into detail on creating a Youtube video
This eConsultancy post deals with why we watch videos and steps you can take to create engaging content

Building fascinating slide shows

Slideshow presentations are a great (and often overlooked) format for creating informative content. Particularly good for telling a story with images and words, slideshows continue to grow in popularity thanks to platforms like Slideshare (now owned by LinkedIn).

Most productivity suites such as Microsoft Office have a tool for creating slideshow presentations which can then be posted for distribution on the web to a platform like Slideshare.

Nustory Slideshare Example

Check out this post from the TED team on crafting beautiful slide presentations
Take a look at this recent post from the Slideshare team from a recent Content Marketing event

This list of content types is only intended as guidance: there may be other media or formats that you would like to explore. Feel free to suggest these!

Publication plan

You will need a clear plan on how the asset will be published. For instance, does it make sense to embed it in a blog? Is there a link from a service like YouTube or SlideShare you can distribute across Twitter?

Work with your business sponsor to define the best plan for publication of the content.

Distribution plan

Use what you have learned so far to define a distribution plan for the asset you have created. How could you represent this asset on Twitter for maximum engagement? For instance, you may have learned through the earlier modules which hashtags would make sense to focus on. You may also think it would make sense to share the asset on other networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Factor this into your plan!

Download the Rich Content Brief Template (Word Doc)

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