Step 3: Final report

This module will pull together all the key learnings throughout the Nustory Project into a final social media report

Welcome to the final module in the Nustory Project: producing the final report for the Nustory Project.  We will be looking for feedback on all the core learning objectives:

  • Innovation/creativity
    Grasping the underlying principles of content marketing and creatively applying this to your business sponsor problem
  • Analytic posture
    Adopting a data-driven approach to the content decisions you make and recommendations back to the business sponsor
  • Teaming and ability to partner with business leaders
    Managing key stakeholders across this team-based project: coordinating tasks among team members, effectively communicating with the business sponsor and the Nustory administration

As you consider this final report, isolate areas of weakness and focus on these up to the close of the project.

Overview of final report and requirements

Download Nustory Final Report Template

Original content marketing audit (10 points)

Method for conducting report: explain the process behind the report and who did what. How did you divide the task between the team. What were the key findings? How did you choose the hashtags, sources of content to recommend?

Content experiments on Twitter (20 points)

Outline of plan: how did you source content for the Tweets? What was the plan for the creation and distribution of content? How did you divide the task between the team? How much content did you produce? How did you handle the scheduling of content and obtaining feedback from the business sponsor? How did you develop the metrics and how did you uncover data that you could use to inform your future Twitter postings?

Creation of rich content brief (10 points)

What was the process for planning rich content? What decisions were made by who? How was this communicated with business sponsor and how was feedback obtained?

Creating and measuring rich content (30 points)

What was the process for creating the rich content? Who did what? How was the content published? What are the findings from the publishing of the content (eg. reach, engagement, other measures of value).

Overall recommendations based on project (30 points)

Provide your top 5 recommendations back to the business sponsor. Make sure you have good justification for each recommendation, ideally backed up by data. What other comments do you have on the Nustory Project? What obstacles did you face? Are there areas you would have liked to explore if you had more time?

Final review and scoring

Make  sure you setup some time for the final review with your business sponsor. This should be a 1-hour meeting, face-to-face if possible. On that meeting, review the document, especially your final recommendations.

Note the the final report will fit into your overall score for the Nustory Project as follows:

  • Final report: 50 points
  • Metrics from project: 20 points (engagement metrics from the final report verified by Nustory administration)
  • Feedback from business sponsor: 10 points (phone/email communication, work undertaken)
  • Feeback from professor: 10 points (completion of educational materials, participation in class)
  • Feedback from Nustory administration: 10 points (questions/comments on office hours and in community, meeting deadlines)

Download the template now and get started.

Download Nustory Final Report Template


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