Step 2: Building content

By the end of this section, you will understand how to generate content that makes a difference and drives real business performance.

Part A: Build a content marketing plan

Now you understand the how the business operates and builds value, the next step is to translate this knowledge into a content marketing plan.

In this module you will learn how to identify the keywords which links the target business to the target audience. You will analyze the competition against these keywords and also locate related hashtags.

You will also use the Watson Personality Insights service on Bluemix to further analyze the communication style of the business.

You will learn how to source relevant 3rd party content that you can share on behalf of the business.

Learn about the content marketing plan

Part B: Post content via Hootsuite

This module focuses on finding content and scheduling it via the Hootsuite social media management platform. You will learn:

  • How to setup hashtag searches in Hootsuite
  • Reshare Twitter content through Hootsuite
  • Reviewing content using the Hootsuite Publisher
  • Setting up RSS feeds in Hootsuite
  • Sharing content from other sites
Sharing content through Hootsuite

Part C: Create rich content

Take what you have learned through the ‘lightweight’ posting on Twitter and think about you can develop deeper content like blog posts, infographics, videos and slide presentations.

You will learn how to build out a content plan which includes creation, distribution and measurement of rich content.

Sharing content through Hootsuite

Part D: Measure the effectiveness of your content marketing

This module covers setting up reporting in Hootsuite to track content engagement and action and the building of community. Steps to cover:

  • Creating a custom report in Hootsuite
  • Configuring the report
  • Sharing Hootsuite reports
Creating Hootsuite Analytics reports