The Hootsuite Social Media Management Platform

Hootsuite is a powerful tool for social media management and content marketing. You can manage numerous networks, schedule messages, engage with the audience and measure ROI – all from within one dashboard.

Access the Hootsuite dashboard

Hootsuite Dashboard

We will be using Hootsuite in the Nustory Project in a few ways:

  • To manage the content marketing execution: students can line up Tweets for posting on behalf of the business partner organization
  • To build out reports and measure engagement throughout the project
  • To access the Hootsuite education modules which cover use of the tool, background on social media and background on content marketing

All students will receive an account on Hootsuite which can be used to practice with personal accounts and to access the education.

We will be using a separate Hootsuite account to post on behalf of the partner organization (login information distributed to each student team once paired with an organization).

Learn more about Hootsuite, including their offerings for academia, startups and businesses of all sizes.

Access the Hootsuite dashboard

Recommended Hootsuite University Modules

To get started with Hootsuite and content marketing, we recommend these modules:

Hootsuite University


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