The US elections: a cognitive computing pundit ‘speaks’

How does Donald Trump stack up against Hillary when it comes to empathy? Does Bernie Sanders hold himself in higher regard than Donald Trump? While these questions may be debated by (professional and armchair) pundits across the US, Alex Thompson from the NYT thought he would give the IBM Watson service a run for its money.

The results?

See what he found.

He used the IBM Watson Personality Insights service to explore social media and abstracts from books to model the personalities of the presidential contenders. What does this mean for business? The service is available through the cloud via an API call. So businesses can incorporate this service into their own apps and just pay for what they use. For instance an eCommerce site which asks users to login via Facebook or Twitter could use the service to understand their propensity to buy certain goods (eg. eco-friendly) and offer specific, personalized recommendations.

As another example, a business could also compare the profiles of the C-Suite to determine who is the most effective spokesperson. We also saw a group at Berkeley use this service to determine what kind of tweets from a sports team would most likely gain new followers.

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