Wimbledon spots hot topics with cognitive command center

The Wimbledon organization has been partnering with IBM for more than 25 years, turning tennis into all kinds of data.  A beep can alert umpires into whether a ball is in or out, correlations can be drawn between the number of volleys in a game and the chances of winning, and social data can be mined and matched to players as their popularity grows as they move through the contest.

2016 sees the addition of a cognitive command center, a behind-the-scenes dashboard for the digital editorial team, ingesting feeds from a variety of social media channels to look for common topics and conversations around which to build content. This gives the editorial team a new level of confidence in the content they post and it’s ability to resonate with the audience.

According to PR Newswire:

“For example, the Cognitive Command Center could identify emerging conversations around a Swiss football game at the same time as a peak in interest around a moment in a Roger Federer match. Using these insights, Wimbledon will be able to make rapid content decisions to engage and inform sports fans during a summer filled with numerous major sporting events.”

As the media landscape continues to be redefined and businesses are increasingly becoming their own media houses, think how this model could help almost any business meet the content demands of their target audience.


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